hey :3 my name is raven,i love comics,creepypasta, painting, helping people through hard times,giving hugs ,cosplaying, and playing video games, also ima huge book worm.. music is my life <3 d^_^b kik is xxrainbowgashesxx
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hey fun reminder to not make “wake me up when september ends” jokes bc theyre kinda rly shitty and are making a sensitive part of billie joes life seem unimportant so pls just be a good person and dont make or reblog jokes about it thank u


Green Day - American Idiot VHS part 2/2

"There are times where I feel like I get chocked up, it’s hard to sing the next line because everything comes from some emotional place that I have experienced in my life and it resurfaces everytime I play those songs."

As my memory rests but never forgets what i lost, wake me up when September ends.

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every class is art class if you dont care enough

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The Addams & The Munsters by Christopher Uminga / Blog / Tumblr

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